GroWTF? podcast E5 – How to set up a B2B SaaS sales process

When should sales take over from marketing? When to hire sales people? How to structure the perfect sales demo? A lot of questions for SaaS companies. We share our experiences how we set up a SaaS sales process within our B2B SaaS company.

This time, I have my colleague and sales specialist Luka Kankaras with me and we have a conversation about our SaaS sales process.


GroWTF? podcast E4 – How to plan the growth of your B2B SaaS

Setting up a process for your growth planning can be challenging. How do you direct your resources and team to the right initiatives.

There are thousands of tactics, but which of them should you decide on? This podcast is about my experiences with setting up a growth planning process, how to align the team and how to follow your company objectives