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GroWTF? podcast E1 – How to build a Content Lead Engine

This episode I want to talk about how we changed our content marketing approach two years ago, built a content lead engine and quintupled (5x) our product trial leads. One of the success posts, there will be learnings from failures in the next episodes (promised ;).

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We used our blog which already generated a lot of organic traffic (we were #100,000 in the Alexa traffic ranking) but our readers were not jumping on our product train. We had a super low number of visitors trying out our product.

After some failures in putting promotional ads into our blog, we talked to some experts and started building a content lead engine. By adding a lead-generation component to our blog, we nurtured our audience slowly and moved the interested ones to our product value.

Content Lead Engine

By creating e-books as lead magnets and remarketing our audience from the blog, we increased our product trial leads by 400% per month.

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Episode 1 – How to build a Content Lead Engine

Have fun and share your feedback about this episode with me. If you have a similar approach why not share it with the audience (=> Comments).

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