The Growth Podcast of HOG Klaus-M. – Introduction

My name is Klaus-M. Schremser and this is my personal podcast about growth successes but more about the failures and learnings of my companies and specifically about my latest SaaS company Usersnap. I’m head of growth (HOG) there. 

Usersnap is a feedback platform that helps business to collect user feedback to build better products & services. 

In this personal podcast, I want to share my learnings around growth campaigns, planning, goal setting, building a vision and values, hiring & firing a great team, and many more. My stories are real-life stories and many of them don’t have a happy end, but they always let me grow. 

I’m a serial entrepreneur and launched my first website in 1994. In the last 20 years, I co-founded 2 companies within the tech-marketing-industry. Both got acquired, one by Atlassian.

Let’s start with the intro podcast.

Let’s continue with the first episode of the GroWTF podcast about how we built our content lead engine.

I’m using our brand, but this is more like a diary I’m sharing.