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GroWTF? podcast E2 – How to build a great team

This time, I’m talking about my 20 years of experiences on how to build a great team. I spend the last 18 months on more than 100 interviews to build a great growth team but more than that, we want to build an amazing team for our company Usersnap.

“Better to have an A-team with a B-product, than the other way round.” (unknown) … A great team is the foundation of build great products and a successful company.

We aim to have a lot of seniority in our company, we want to get people onboard from whom we can learn and find those that will shape the future of Usersnap.

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The podcast will touch the following topics:

  • Values + Goals – why these are the constitution
  • Communication
  • Hiring
  • Collaboration
  • Feedback sessions
  • Career path

I hope you enjoy this episode of my podcast.

Side notes: I’m thrilled to launch it, although I messed up a bit with the recording and didn’t record the presentation in presentation mode.

But I think I got the audio quite right this time and it can be used for an audio podcast too (this was the initial goal). Thanks to Will and John Ramli, I learned that Zoom has an option for high-fidelity audio and this improved the audio 10x. Thanks!!

I’m intentionally not re-recording the sessions and keep them with their little failures. You never get it right the first time, but it also reminds you how you improved.

Feedback If you have any kind of feedback or suggestions, just contact me on Linked.

Please, don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list.

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