GroWTF? podcast E6 – How to set goals using OKRs – with Lorenz Gräff (bsurance)

Where are we heading with our SaaS company? Setting and aligning on goals can be a challenging process.

I invited my friend, business-partner and serial-entrepreneur with multiple exits Lorenz Gräff to discuss how he’s using OKRs in this company bsurance (an insurtech company). We are discussing when and how OKRs (Objective-KeyResults) are useful for your company and what flaws we experienced so far.

The podcast will include the following topics:

  • Different goal setting systems
  • Why OKR? How do we use OKRs in our SaaS companies?
  • Why do OKRs help you to align the team, the managers.
  • Company-,Team-,Personal-OKRs
  • What are flaws of OKRs we stumbled upon and how we solved them
  • What’s a good read about OKRs

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I hope you will enjoy this episode of my podcast.


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Please, don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list.

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